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Class ListBucketOptions

    • Constructor Detail

      • ListBucketOptions

        public ListBucketOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • withPrefix

        public ListBucketOptions withPrefix(String prefix)
        Limits the response to keys which begin with the indicated prefix. You can use prefixes to separate a bucket into different sets of keys in a way similar to how a file system uses folders.
      • getPrefix

        public String getPrefix()
      • afterMarker

        public ListBucketOptions afterMarker(String marker)
        Indicates where in the bucket to begin listing. The list will only include keys that occur lexicographically after marker. This is convenient for pagination: To get the next page of results use the last key of the current page as the marker.
      • getMarker

        public String getMarker()
      • maxResults

        public ListBucketOptions maxResults(int maxKeys)
        The maximum number of keys you'd like to see in the response body. The server might return fewer than this many keys, but will not return more.
      • getMaxResults

        public Integer getMaxResults()
      • delimiter

        public ListBucketOptions delimiter(String delimiter)
        Causes keys that contain the same string between the prefix and the first occurrence of the delimiter to be rolled up into a single result element in the CommonPrefixes collection. These rolled-up keys are not returned elsewhere in the response.
      • getDelimiter

        public String getDelimiter()

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