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Class ListImageOptions

    • Constructor Detail

      • ListImageOptions

        public ListImageOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • marker

        public ListImageOptions marker(String marker)
        Description copied from class: PaginationOptions
        The marker parameter is the ID of the last item in the previous list. Items are sorted by create time in descending order. When a create time is not available they are sorted by ID.
        marker in class PaginationOptions
      • limit

        public ListImageOptions limit(int limit)
        Description copied from class: PaginationOptions
        To reduce load on the service, list operations will return a maximum of 1,000 items at a time. To navigate the collection, the parameters limit and offset can be set in the URI (e.g.?limit=0&offset=0). If an offset is given beyond the end of a list an empty list will be returned.

        Note that list operations never return itemNotFound (404) faults.

        limit in class PaginationOptions
      • minRam

        public ListImageOptions minRam(long ram)
        Return only those images having a matching min ram size
      • minDisk

        public ListImageOptions minDisk(long disk)
        Return only those images having a matching min disk size
      • minSize

        public ListImageOptions minSize(long size)
        Return those images that have a size attribute greater than or equal to size
      • maxSize

        public ListImageOptions maxSize(long size)
        Return those images that have a size attribute less than or equal to size
      • isPublic

        public ListImageOptions isPublic(boolean isPublic)
        Return only public images or only private images
      • isProtected

        public ListImageOptions isProtected(boolean isProtected)
        Filter to only protected or unprotected images
      • sortAscending

        public ListImageOptions sortAscending()
        Ascending sort order (smallest first).

        NOTE: default behavior is to sort descending (largest first)

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