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Class RunInstancesOptions

    • Constructor Detail

      • RunInstancesOptions

        public RunInstancesOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • withSecurityGroups

        public RunInstancesOptions withSecurityGroups(String... securityGroups)
        Attach multiple security groups
      • withSecurityGroup

        public RunInstancesOptions withSecurityGroup(String securityGroup)
        Attaches a single security group. Multiple calls to this method won't add more groups.
        securityGroup - name of an existing security group
      • withKernelId

        public RunInstancesOptions withKernelId(String kernelId)
        The ID of the kernel with which to launch the instance.
      • withRamdisk

        public RunInstancesOptions withRamdisk(String ramDiskId)
        The ID of the RAM disk with which to launch the instance. Some kernels require additional drivers at launch. Check the kernel requirements for information on whether you need to specify a RAM disk. To find kernel requirements, go to the Resource Center and search for the kernel ID.
      • withClientToken

        public RunInstancesOptions withClientToken(String clientToken)
        Specifies the optional ClientToken field, which triggers idempotent RunInstances calls. See here for more details.

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