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Class ListBlobsOptions

    • Constructor Detail

      • ListBlobsOptions

        public ListBlobsOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • delimiter

        public ListBlobsOptions delimiter(String delimiter)
        When the request includes this parameter, the operation returns a BlobPrefix element in the response body that acts as a placeholder for all blobs whose names begin with the same substring up to the appearance of the delimiter character.
        delimiter - a single character or a string.
      • getDelimiter

        public String getDelimiter()
      • includeMetadata

        public ListBlobsOptions includeMetadata()
        Include this parameter to specify that the container's metadata be returned as part of the response body. Note that metadata requested with this parameter must be stored in accordance with the naming restrictions imposed by the 2009-09-19 version of the Blob service. Beginning with this version, all metadata names must adhere to the naming conventions for C# identifiers.
        includeMetadata in class ListOptions
      • marker

        public ListBlobsOptions marker(String marker)
        A string value that identifies the portion of the list to be returned with the next list operation. The operation returns a marker value within the response body if the list returned was not complete. The marker value may then be used in a subsequent call to request the next set of list items.

        The marker value is opaque to the client.

        marker in class ListOptions
      • maxResults

        public ListBlobsOptions maxResults(int maxresults)
        Specifies the maximum number of containers to return. If maxresults is not specified, the server will return up to 5,000 items. If the parameter is set to a value greater than 5,000, the server will return a Bad Request (400) error
        maxResults in class ListOptions
      • getInclude

        public Set<String> getInclude()

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